Costume Hire


ACT STUDIOS specialises in teaching speech and drama to young children.We are very excited to open a new associated business: ACT UP Costume hire. We have costumes from 3– 15 years on various themes for concerts.

We are the cheapest in Pretoria! We have over 1000 available – if we do not have it available we will source it and get it for you. We have costume collections around the following themes:

  • Nativity
  • National dress. (Most of the countries are represented)
  • Musical clothes (Rock and roll etc.)
  • The farmyard; includes puppies and kittens
  • Wild animals
  • Garden creatures, flowers, ladybirds, butterflies, bees, bunnies, lizards and frogs
  • The circus
  • Forest animals: Birds, tortoise, squirrel, monkey, rabbits
  • Toy shop: superheroes, dolls, faeries, dinosaurs, dragons, unicorns
  • Fairy tales and nursery rhymes
  • Halloween
  • Under the sea
  • Pirates and mermaids

COSTS excluded from this page

Send us your list and we will get all the costumes together. No deposit, (only a booking deposit for a large batch of costumes in advance).

For more information please click here or email