Drama Classes

Deborah Nel is also the founder and owner of ACT Studios a extra-curricular drama programme that runs at a number of schools in the greater Pretoria area.



  • They learn what their bodies and voices can do through activities and games that develop vocal and physical expression.
  • We encourage spontaneity and as there is no right or wrong / good or bad, they gain confidence.
  • At the end of the term the parents are invited to an ‘open’ lesson during which we show you some of the fun things we have done during the term.
  • We don’t encourage the parents to watch the lessons during the term as we find the children are either inhibited or “show off”.


  • We focus on poetry they learn to express ourselves through the medium of poetry.
  • This term ends in a poetry festival, where the junior primary and senior primary children have an opportunity to perform for an adjudicator and their parents.


  • Is our puppetry and story telling term. At the last lesson the parents are invited to watch puppet shows and stories that the children have performed during the term.
  • For the seniors (Grade 5 – 9) we will be teaching mime and improvisation, as well as public speaking and play writing.
  • Some seniors will spend the term preparing for Trinity Guildhall drama exams.


  • The final term is our BIG CONCERT term and is by far the children’s favourite.
  • During this term you will need to hire a costume for your child. Some children use their own. When children use their own, the hire fee is used for the hiring of lighting, music and décor.

Fees not included on page
For more information please visit the ACT Studios Webpage: www.actstudios.co.za or click here or email info@actstudios.co.za