Our lives are a reflection of the thoughts we think.  However, our thoughts are not always kind and loving towards ourselves and others, and more importantly they are not always true, they are sometimes judgemental, critical or unkind. So the answer seems to be to control our thoughts, unfortunately this is extremely difficult if not impossible due to the fact that we have a reactive mind. If you tell me not to think of a pink elephant, it immediately pops into my thoughts whether I want it to or not.

The good news is that it is not necessary to control our thoughts but rather to become aware of them, when we hear our own thinking we can choose which thoughts we choose to give attention or credence to, so even when thoughts simply pop into our heads due to outside stimulus, we consciously choose which thoughts to entertain, which to ignore and which to re-frame or re-direct.

 It is about living aware of our internal dialogue. When we look around at people in our lives we notice that their moods, their behaviours and even their bodies reflect their inner dialogue. We should be vigilant about our thoughts. Positive thinking or more importantly focusing on the positive is a practice and it requires awareness. It requires a moment to stop, notice how we are feeling or wanting to react and then finding the thought that causes that feeling or reaction. The questions is this thought true, or kind or who I wish to be in this situation, often gives us a moment to gain some perspective, to perhaps laugh at our thoughts or habitual patterns and do something new.

We have to be willing to have the honesty and the humility to notice when our thoughts are not in alignment with Love, peace and harmony, or with our highest selves, with who we really are, and if they are not in alignment and make the adjustment. The more we begin practicing conscious awareness the more joy we feel and share. We become a light in the darkness and the gift to life that we intend to be.