Live life as tilt-a-whirl and not as rollercoaster.

Life was described to me as a roller coaster, Up, down and in between and this analogy worked for me for a while after all life is about opposites, you cannot experience happiness if you don’t know sadness, healing without hurt, health if there is no sickness. But as I came to live a more centred life, I realised that we have another choice, we can choose to live like the pivot in a tilt – a-whirl. The pivot is totally still while all the teacups fly around in chaos. We can choose to observe the chaos of the tea cups around us and stay centred in truth which is always “all is well and everything has purpose” or we can give ourselves away and hook ourselves into the drama’s happening around us. But when we allow the moods, experiences, opinions and actions of others to affect us we lose our balance and equilibrium and our natural, peaceful, joyful state.

We all know people who remain calm, collected and connected no matter what the circumstances and you can be sure they are the ones everyone turns to in a crises.

When we live as the pivot we remain the calm centre in the eye of the storm and do not allow anything or anyone to steal our peace and joy. Rooted in the centre of our souls, which is the source of all our experience we know that situations are temporary and that only love is real. We see and appreciate the ups and downs but are creative rather than reactive and are always calm and clear. It’s all about choice, so instead of being reactive and flying around in the tilt a whirl lets choose to create our lives from a still, centred place ensuring that life is joyful, peaceful and purposeful.