17 June PP1

As a teenager, I was filled with anxiety, sadness and self-doubt.  After pouring my heart out to my father one day, he gave me “Your erroneous zones” by Wayne Dwyer to read.  This book was a complete revelation to me.  It introduced me to two incredible concepts. Firstly, I create my life through the choices I make each day, and secondly I can choose my thoughts.

I was good at playing the blame game; everyone else was responsible for my misery and I was a victim.  Having to accept that I am responsible for the state of my life was at first extremely uncomfortable, and then very empowering.

If I was responsible for my misery, then I could become responsible for my own happiness.

Marianne Williamson noted that the work in becoming a conscious, loving human being is work on yourself.

When people request counselling for conflicts or challenges, I remind them to make choices and think thoughts that are aligned with love.  Very often when they work on themselves, and align their thoughts and deeds with love through conscious choice, the conflict or challenges seem to dissolve.

The conscious practice of seeing what love  would see, doing what love would do and looking for the hand of grace in all situations has transformed the way I see my life and experience each day.

We were sent here to be joyous, loving creators.  Happiness is our natural state of being, and what is so exciting for me is that state of being is only a choice and a thought away.