17 August PM 4

Too many people live life backwards, we are led to believe that if you HAVE enough stuff, usually material stuff; then you can DO whatever you wish and you will BE happy or fulfilled.  So we live the “HAVE DO BE GAME”. Or we are told if we DO enough… work hard enough and take enough right action then we will HAVE what we need to feel happy or fulfilled.  So we live to DO- HAVE AND THEN BE. 

I believe that happiness and fulfilment are not a destination.  We are created as complete, sufficient, joyous beings.  Happiness and fulfilment are part of who we are and where we need to come from, then our doing and having will flow from that, and joyous creation will be the result. 

When we connect with our source which is loving, abundant and blessed, and create from that happy fulfilled place, there is no lack because we appreciate everything and constantly feel abundant. When we come from joy, appreciation, abundance and love, all our actions flow from there, flavouring and affecting everything we do and have.  We can then live the right way around which is BE DO HAVE.

 As we come from place of BEing happy and fulfilled, our DOing flows from there and we enjoy what we HAVE created.