One of my gorgeous sons who is almost 21 came bounding up the stairs and said; “Happy Birthday Mom, I am very grateful you were born.”

And that sums it up in a nutshell. When we are grateful you were born it permeates our entire existence.  Then as we begin to feel gratitude for all that has taken place since our birth. We begin to see every bit of our history as a blessing and a gift.

Looking back on the amazing things I have done, seen and experienced and the phenomenal people I have met it is easy to feel gratitude, I can even look on those that I saw as negative, challenging or difficult and feel gratitude in retrospect. Hind sight is a wonderful thing it allows us to see the positive outcome, the blessing, the silver lining.

The real blessing is of course being able to trust the negative, challenging experience in that moment, knowing that a few years down the line we will be able to recognise the purpose or the blessing, the real skill is to look for and see the possible silver lining, positive outcome or blessing in that moment. It is often difficult to look at a situation when you are in it and note; “I will be grateful for this one day.” But when this becomes our frame of reference, we trust life and knowing that love is kind, we quickly look for and find the blessing in every situation.

Whatever you bless becomes a blessing. My son blessed me with the words, “I am grateful you were born. “ In that moment I was able to feel the blessing that is my life.