While training for a cycling race this weekend I heard my son chuckling to himself, as he rode along next to me, when I asked him what he was laughing at he replied, “Myself. I have just had a huge realisation.”

One of the healthiest things we can do for our own emotional well-being is laugh at ourselves. That wonderful moment. When we realise how silly or ridiculous or over-dramatic we are being and simply chuckle at our own stupidity.

Humility comes from the word humour and I notice that our ego, will humiliate us every time.

Our ego likes to be right and will defend itself to the end. Simply being willing to be wrong, admit we messed up, over reacted, or did some serious over thinking of a situation. Allows us to realise how ridiculous we are being, feel a little humiliated and laugh at ourselves.

In the moment we laugh at ourselves we lighten up, stop beating ourselves up, and can relax into humility giving ourselves and others some slack. Laughter is a wonderful remedy for anxiety, stress, anger or depression. It brings back humour, joy and a lightness of being that allows love and wisdom back in.