Lessons in self love.  


My niece has word art on her wall that reads BE -YOU-TIFUL

For all of us this is an important lesson, up there with “Be yourself for this is the best and only person you can be.”  In our society uniqueness is supposedly encouraged and yet it is the unusual children, those that don’t fit in with what is popular who are bullied.  I was one of those creative daydreamers that did not fit in with the in crowd, the one who was last to be chosen for any team, and it made me miserable, I was constantly comparing myself to others. I was not popular enough, not thin enough and ended up a depressed and bulimic teenager.

Yet I am grateful for that time, for I became fed up with my life and my story and decided to change the way I saw myself and the world.  I have learnt with time and experience that it is being yourself that leads to success.  By celebrating my uniqueness and using my time and energy to make the most of who I am. I learnt to build myself up, not tear myself down. I learnt to celebrate my unique gifts and talents and share them with the world.

Celebrating uniqueness is empowering. For now I never allow others to tell me how to think, feel, be or live. Only I have the right to make these important decisions.

If others reject me, I remind myself that their rejection has nothing to do with who I am; it has to do with who they are. I know I can never please everyone all the time. To please everyone I would have to change every time I met someone new, , and to do so  is to give away my personal power and lose my integrity.

I have learnt to be true to myself because if I am not, it will be impossible for me to feel good about myself. Self-respect begins with honesty; the respect of others comes as a result of my own respect for myself .  We can  learn  to accept ourselves  as being imperfect, But not unlovable. For each of our strengths far exceed any weaknesses. We need to look for the best in ourselves and others and embrace the goodness in ourselves.

“You are a part of life not by accident, but by design. You have a special place and purpose.

Trust your creator. There’s a star in the sky with you name on it. Claim that star and let it shine. For you….For others….For a world whose survival depends on light…. 

Let it shine.”

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