Life is full of contrasts, love and hate, joy and sadness, poverty and wealth, sickness and health. Often we find we resist the contrast wanting sameness. However, it is the very contrast that creates preference. The preference then creates desire and it’s that desire that motivates us to take action and create.

Being completely satisfied with everything creates a kind of bored laziness. When we notice that we do not like or want something it clarifies what we do want.

Unfortunately, we often notice the contrast and get stuck in complaining about it.  We are reactive rather than creative and life becomes a drag. Instead we should be celebrating the awareness of contrast and become excited about the clarity of our preference and our desire to create something new.

Making “mistakes” is one of the most wonderful learning tools we have. By noticing what does not work, a result we do not want, we have far greater clarity and desire for what we do want and what does work.

When we simply believe that each of us is solely responsible for creating the life we want, we take responsibility and become able to respond. Instead of bemoaning our situation, we celebrate contrast as an opportunity to become clear and motivated to create what we do want.

When we realise that we are the source of all action and reaction and therefore the source of creation in our lives we can begin to become excited about our preferences and begin to actively take steps towards creating our preference.

Many of us have created preference for love, joy, health and wealth through observing ours and others experiences. Knowing that we are responsible for forming and creating these preferences gives us the knowledge, the desire and the power to create them.