Recently, I found myself getting stuck in old patterns of behaviour that negatively impact my personal and physical well-being. I was quick to justify these as triggers from my childhood. I told myself that I need to work more deeply on myself to heal these patterns, and of course, I used the old favourite statement “I can’t help it.” Then I began to trust that life is kind and good and the answer would find its way to me.

I found the answer on my bookshelf. Every now and then I look through my book collection and randomly choose a book and there is always a wonderful message for me there.

The message this time was: The loving source within you is powerful and wise, and this divine power becomes available to you when you align with the love presence within you.

I then got to thinking, if the power of love fills me, surely it is greater than any small idea I have about myself, greater than any patterns from my past or personality traits or old habits. Surely these so called triggers that create negative behaviours are small and insignificant in comparison to the mighty power of the divine that lies within me.

It was one of those wonderful “AHA” moments. As I felt myself getting into negative thinking or behaviours I would simply remind myself. “The power of divine love within me is far greater than any small idea I have about myself it is greater than any patterns or personality I may project. I call on this power to guide me to right choices, to wisdom, abundance and joy. I am grateful for the kingdom of heaven within and I align myself with it now.”

This awareness has changed my behaviour completely in the last few weeks and I find myself creating from a place of wisdom and love. I feel enormous gratitude and appreciation for the wisdom that is always available to us if we open our hearts and let it in. When we stop being right about our justifications and excuses, and allow our divine source to guide us, peace, joy, love and right choices become our natural way of being.