Knowing that our beliefs decide our thoughts, our thoughts create how we feel and these aspects of us create our actions and our environment. It seems to me we should choose what we believe, so why not believe that life is kind and good, and our purpose is to be a gift to the world by being happy. I notice that when I create my life from these decisions, joy is the result.

Having a core belief or vision for our lives enables us to live our lives from purpose. When I made a conscious decision to turn my life around and choose happiness I realised that my purpose was to inspire people to love themselves and love their lives. The wonderful thing about having a purpose or vision based on a core belief is that that it colours everything we think and do. Remember a belief is simply a decision. So we need to choose carefully what we decide about our lives.

As a teenager I struggled with depression and eating disorders and you can be sure that the decisions I held about myself and my life were very different to what they are now. We can change our decisions about ourselves and our lives. Knowing that the beliefs we hold are fundamental to our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being I am very grateful that I was able to make a new decision and create a new set of beliefs.

The gift of living from purpose is that I can always tell when I am thinking, saying or doing something that is out of alignment with the positive decisions I have made, because I feel discomfort in my body or my emotions or both. Feelings are a wonderful guide to how aligned we are with love. When we are out of alignment it feels bad and when we are in alignment it feels good. When we are aligned with our purpose, we tune in to our highest selves, to light, love, truth, joy and peace. Our purpose begins to colour our world and the thoughts actions and environment that are aligned with that purpose become our dominant way of being and that is a wonderful way to live.