“Without comparison this moment is perfect” When I read this quote by author Byron Katie it really struck home. It is comparison and ‘should be’ pictures that causes stress, anxiety, frustration and resentment. If we had nothing to compare it to, this moment would be perfect.

And so I began to realise that without comparison my body would be perfect my spouse would be perfect my children would be perfect my job would be perfect and in fact without comparison my life would be perfect.

Our minds are designed to analyse and compare, that is how it makes sense of experiences. That is why a baby without a full memory, finds everything exciting and new, and is so easily pleased. They approach every situation without comparison and with absolute innocence.

Our minds have a wealth of experience and judgements recorded in our memory. Each experience, person and situation is judged based on our previous experiences and judgement. When we learn to treat each moment as if it were brand new without any comparison or should be picture, every experience becomes spontaneous.

We look through eyes that are shaded by our perception based on past experiences and past judgement. Imagine meeting each new person or experience without expectation, judgement or comparison. Then life would truly be a spontaneous Adventure.

You cannot be fully present with anyone or anything while you are judging, criticising or complaining. All of these are based on perceptions from the past. Being fully present means letting go of our idea of how things should be and simply being fully present with what is.

In that way if we are uncomfortable or not enjoying something or someone we do not waste time reacting by criticising, complaining or judging, we can become more creative and present, handling  every situation with love and clarity.